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The Top 10 Classroom Q&A Posts of 2023 (Opinion)

I’m not sure about your school experience this year, but it’s definitely been much closer to pre-COVID times than it has been to the last few years.

And I’m so grateful for that!

Nevertheless, I, like you, am looking forward to a holiday rest. If, during this time, you have the energy to spend some time reading about education, here are the 10 most popular posts that appeared in this blog over the past 12 months.

See you on the other side of the New Year!

1. 19 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Classroom

The AI tool doesn’t need to send you into a panic. It can be leveraged to help you and your students.

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2. Small Adjustments to Teaching Can Make a Big Difference in the Classroom

Teachers don’t always need to make major changes to see improvements in the classroom. Sometimes, minor shifts will do.

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3. How Teachers Get Beyond Tough Days in the Classroom

In a single sentence, teachers philosophize—wisely, funnily—about hanging in there for the job, even after the worst of days.

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4. ChatGPT: Teachers Weigh In on How to Manage the New AI Chatbot

Sure, the program can lead to cheating, but it can also free up teachers’ time for important instruction.

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5. Teachers, Don’t Take Your Work Home and Other Reminders

Some teaching strategies are tried-and-true, but fresh ideas may add more zest to your classroom and your regimen.

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6. Teachers, Don’t Take Your Work Home

Want to create a better boundary between school and home? Here are 20 ways to do that.

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7. Don’t Waste Instructional Time at the Beginning of the Year

Use those first weeks to explicitly teach listening, speaking, and thinking skills that will help build relationships as well.

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8. Should Students Be Allowed to Eat in Class? Here’s What Teachers Have to Say

Set reasonable rules, but remember: Hungry students can’t concentrate on learning.

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9. What Does Successful Differentiated Instruction Look Like in the Classroom?

Many teachers struggle to adapt lessons, believing they lack resources, planning time, and classroom-management support. They don’t need to.

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10. How Teachers Are Using Artificial Intelligence in Classes Today

Sure, ChatGPT can be misused, but when used correctly, the AI tool can help teachers and students alike in multiple subjects.

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