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What District Leaders Need to Know About Teacher Morale (Downloadable)

A satisfied and stable teacher workforce is a hallmark of a successful school district. It’s also marketing gold for districts competing in a tight market for talent.

That’s why it’s imperative that district leaders—especially superintendents and other senior-level executives—know what the state of teaching looks like in their own communities.

Specifically, are teachers enthusiastic about their work? What stories are they telling others about what it’s like to teach in the district? Which factors are affecting their morale? Do leaders know what actions they can take to change teachers’ outlooks?

How leaders answer those questions—and how their answers line up with teachers’ viewpoints—is a key piece of intelligence they can leverage to improve workplace culture, retain effective teachers, and contribute to a more robust pipeline of future talent.

Here’s a guide to three key findings and some deeper takeaways for superintendents and other district leaders.

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