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What District Leaders Were Reading This Year: Top 10 Stories

What were the most pressing issues for school district leaders in 2023?

Those working in the central office wanted to know the best ways to teach math, reading, and writing. They also wanted to know how to support stressed-out teachers and how artificial intelligence could upend K-12 education.

That’s according to a scan of the most popular stories among district leaders on in 2023. (The ranking below is based on a combination of how many people read the story, how much time they spent reading it, and how often it was shared.)

Two of the top 10 stories popular with district leaders this year were on gender disparities in educational leadership. In one essay that made the list, Shayla Ewing, an assistant principal from Illinois, reflects on the 2023 blockbuster movie “Barbie” and the lessons it offers for getting more women into leadership roles.

“Unfortunately, not all schools come with a leader Barbie; many come with just Ken,” wrote Ewing.

Here’s the full list of stories that resonated most with district leaders in 2023:

Kids Need to Know Their Math Facts. What Schools Can Do to Help

Teachers can optimize how they introduce math facts and teach strategies while not losing sight of conceptual knowledge.

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Teachers Need PD on Artificial Intelligence. What It Should Look Like

Schools are just beginning to think about how to integrate AI into teacher professional development.

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What ‘Barbie’ Teaches Us About School Leadership (Opinion)

Not all schools come with a leader Barbie; many come with just Ken. Here are three lessons from the hit movie on closing the “dream gap.”

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What School Leaders Can Do to Ease Teacher Stress

New studies illuminate some factors that can help school leaders prevent or manage teachers’ stress.

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4 Ways Reading and Writing Interlock: What the Research Says

Here’s a cheat sheet for understanding what research tells us about how the two disciplines connect in literacy instruction.

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How Does Writing Fit Into the ‘Science of Reading’?

Writing in the early grades is often segmented off from reading. Research suggests teaching them together is both efficient and effective.

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There’s a Good Chance Your Superintendent Has One of These 15 Names

A researcher’s findings highlight just how white and male the American superintendency is.

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How to Make the ‘Science of Reading’ Work for Teachers (Opinion)

One state took a different path with good initial results, writes a state chief academic officer.

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Kids Understand More From Books Than Screens, But That’s Not Always the Case

What the research says about the benefits and drawbacks of reading on screens versus printed text.

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What Educators Know About Artificial Intelligence, in 3 Charts

Most educators say they have not received any professional development on artificial intelligence.

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