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What Principals Were Reading This Year: Top 10 Stories

The job of a school leader is multi-faceted. Take a look at the stories that resonated most with administrators in 2023 and you’ll get a glimpse of the myriad issues they had to grapple with this year.

The list includes stories on curricular issues—namely how best to teach math and writing—as well as critical leadership advice. Stories on supporting, rewarding, and communicating with teachers made the list.

There’s also a powerful essay from NaTasha Woody-Wideman, a middle school principal in Atlanta, that gives insights into the school leader mindset this year.

“I’m a leader that raggedly attempts to piece together my well-being daily,” wrote Woody-Wideman, who goes on to plea for an “overhaul in how school leaders are prepared, regarded, and supported.”

The ranking below shows the stories on that school leaders engaged with most this year. It’s based on a combination of how many people read the story, how much time they spent reading it, and how often it was shared.

Check out the list:

Kids Need to Know Their Math Facts. What Schools Can Do to Help

Teachers can optimize how they introduce math facts and teach strategies while not losing sight of conceptual knowledge.

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What School Leaders Can Do to Ease Teacher Stress

New studies illuminate some factors that can help school leaders prevent or manage teachers’ stress levels.

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The 4 Gifts Principals Should Give Teachers This Year (Hint: Not Another School Mug) (Opinion)

Instead of a staff pizza party or a school-branded mug, give them meaningful gifts that nourish their craft.

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School Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence. Here’s How They Build It

The stress of the last few years has made emotional intelligence a crucial trait for educational leaders.

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4 Ways Reading and Writing Interlock: What the Research Says

Here’s a cheat sheet for understanding what research tells us about how the two disciplines connect in literacy instruction.

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Why Word Problems Are Such a Struggle for Students—And What Teachers Can Do

Story problems can help young learners grasp math concepts, but teachers must design and scaffold them carefully.

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5 Ways to Inspire a Love for Learning in Students

Education researchers and classroom teachers weigh in on what works.

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‘I Was Ready to Walk Away’: The Silent Scream of School Leaders (Opinion)

How do we juggle the crushing demands of school management and then return home to be healthy parents, caregivers, spouses, and partners?

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How Does Writing Fit Into the ‘Science of Reading’?

Writing in the early grades is often segmented off from reading. Research suggests teaching them together is both efficient and effective.

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10 Buzzwords Teachers Can’t Stand

The EdWeek Research Center polled educators from across the country to identify the buzzwords that drive them crazy.

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