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What Teachers Were Reading This Year: Top 10 Stories

What was top of mind for teachers in 2023? A scan of the most popular stories among teachers on reveals a few major topics.

Teachers were interested in ways to improve math and reading instruction, while also navigating professional struggles. Stories on burnout, stress, and disrespect made the list of top stories this year. Rounding out the list is a roundup of the buzzwords teachers hate the most.

The ranking below is based on a combination of how many people read the story, how much time they spent reading it, and how often it was shared.

Revisit the 10 stories that resonated most with teachers this year:

Kids Need to Know Their Math Facts. What Schools Can Do to Help

Teachers can optimize how they introduce math facts and teach strategies while not losing sight of conceptual knowledge.

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Teachers Aren’t Burnt Out. They Are Being Set Up to Fail (Opinion)

Instead of scapegoating teachers, let’s look at the real causes of workplace stress and demoralization, writes best-selling author and teacher Alexandra Robbins.

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Dear Students Here’s Why I Quit: A Teacher’s Moving Letter Explains Her Decision

Grief and stress soured Kerry Graham on her job, but not on her students.

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A $60K Starting Salary for Teachers? Not a Single State Meets the Bar

Raising teacher pay has become a bipartisan priority. Here’s how much teachers make and how it’s changed over time.

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Teachers Are Facing an ‘Intentional Toxic Disrespect,’ Secretary Cardona Says

Teachers deserve support, not to be cast as villains for political purposes, the education secretary told the largest teachers’ union.

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Why Some Teachers’ Unions Oppose ‘Science of Reading’ Legislation

Several state unions say the mandates could limit teachers’ professional autonomy in the classroom.

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We Gave ChatGPT 5 Common Teaching Tasks. Here’s How Teachers Say It Did

EdWeek asked ChatGPT to generate a lesson plan, a response to a concerned parent, feedback on student work, and more.

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Mississippi Students Surged in Reading Over the Last Decade. Here’s How Schools Got Them There

Educators chalk it up to a multipronged effort, spurred by the state’s literacy law.

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‘You Work for Us’: How a Student’s Slight Captures the Disrespect Teachers Face (Opinion)

Compare the treatment of teachers with other public servants and you’ll notice a disturbing trend.

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10 Buzzwords Teachers Can’t Stand

The EdWeek Research Center polled educators from across the country to identify the buzzwords that drive them crazy.

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